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While working at UCLA's GSE&IS Information Studies Lab over the past two years, I have provided intermediate and intensive workshops for students to learn film handling and inspection. These are taught with the equipment and supplies provided in the IS Lab's media space: static and portable rewind benches, guillotine tape splicers, magnification loupes, a 4 gang synchronizer, film cleaner, and new film leader. In addition to the equipment for film handling and inspection, there is also a Steenbeck flatbed editor for viewing and syncing 35mm film, and standard definition telecines to digitize small gauge formats.

While the aim of these workshops are to support students following the Media Archival Studies track within the MLIS degree, the equipment and training is available to anyone interested in practicing or becoming familiar with film identification and conservation. To date, I have administered over 20 individual sessions and several group orientations to students within as well as outside the department.


Reference materials and handouts provided during these workshops are below.



UCLA Film & TV Archive

Issues observed in films projected through the platter system - Coming Soon

20th Century Fox Archives

During the summer of 2018 I worked at 20th Century Fox Archives to inspect, document, and rehouse 370 French One Panel posters that spanned over 40 years of the company's production and distribution history.

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