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I am the current Film Traffic Coordinator at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Film Archive where I facilitate the inspection, preparation, and distribution of archival print loans. I also work as the Head Archivist at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater to manage the complete physical relocation and re-creation of their library, archives, and audio/visual studio at their new location in Highland Park.

My current research focuses on the conservation and preservation challenges of exhibition objects. Specifically, I am working with new lighting techniques used to restore color faded museum objects and applying them to the exhibition of color faded film collections.


I have a Masters in Library and Information Science with a focus in Media Archival Studies from UCLA and hold a B.A. in Film and Digital Media Production from UCSC. I previously worked in entertainment as a professional video editor and was the host and showrunner for the children's puppet show Looking for Animals on public access television. I've held mentorships at Canyon Cinema and the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, and internships at 20th Century Fox Archives and the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

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